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Sage Valley Pet Center

Laura Terroux – Co-Owner

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingLaura has owned and lived at Sage Valley for 17 years.  Her extensive experience in the animal care industry began with boarding and showing horses for 18 years.  She then changed her focus to the dog world where she gained extensive knowledge in obedience training and the show ring.  In 1995 Laura founded Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies.  The group places hundreds of Goldens every year.  Their membership has grown to such an extent that they now own their own acreage and facility.  Laura was also instrumental in the founding of Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and Colorado Pom and Peke Rescue.  Sage Valley continues to be an advocate of all breeds of dog rescue organizations.




Tom Allen - Co-Owner

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingTom became the Co-Owner of Sage Valley after a diversified career in corporate America in all sizes of business.  He claims that running a business that is all about loving and caring for dogs is the best job ever!  Tom furthered his knowledge of canine care by becoming a practicing professional in all facets of nutrition for dogs in traditional and eastern modalities.  He brings the provision of exceptional dog care for our furry guests to a new level.





Brian Cope - Kennel Manager

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingBrian spent many years pursuing a career as a musician.  This was followed by professional experience in retail management and customer service in the outdoor sporting goods industry.  He saved the best for last when he decided to focus his talents on his first love – taking care of dogs.  He has worked extensively at shelters and has experience in managing boarding kennels as well.  In addition he has worked as a vet tech and is also a seasoned groomer.  Brian has done it all and now brings to Sage Valley a great combination of outstanding care for all of our dogs and cats – and the best care for their owners as well!





Ed Perez

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingWe are so lucky to have Ed at Sage Valley!  He keeps our kennel spotless, manicures the landscape to perfection – and has an uncanny way with dogs as well.  Some of us call him the dog whisperer because of his many successes with problem dogs.  He can help a fearful dog get over his insecurities, calm an aggressive dog or reassure an abused one.  We’ve had many dogs that can’t wait to get here – just to see Ed!






Katie McInerney – Kennel Asst. Manager

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingKatie brings amazing skills to her position at Sage Valley.  She has a degree in Zookeeping Technology, is a certified dog trainer and has been a kennel technician and assistant groomer.  The dogs can sense the level of her caring and knowledge and immediately feel safe with her.  Just to meet Katie will brighten your day as well!






Brad Pierce

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingWe take advantage of all of Brad’s extensive skills at Sage Valley!  He spends most of his time making sure all of our furry guests are fed, clean and happy as can be.  The dogs love his quiet and gentle nature.  He also does landscaping, general maintenance, and HVAC work.  Brad keeps everyone and everything happy and well cared for – furry or not!






Alex Uhl

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingAlex comes to us from Anchorage, Alaska, where he developed a love of sled dogs.  He dreams of the day when he can get a house of his own and finally get his own husky!  Alex loves all dogs and excels at play times here at Sage Valley.  He can do anything we need him to, and generally makes life better for all the people and all the dogs in every way!







Krystle Ladeana - Groomer

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingKrystle has spent over thirteen years in the grooming industry.  Her decision to become a groomer is unique.  Years ago he had a family dog that died because of negligence during its grooming.  Growing up she had always wanted to be a veterinarian.  That all changed after her tragic experience.  She decided to be a groomer knowing that, under her care, no animal would suffer as hers did.  She continues to advance her grooming career with seminars and hands-on courses, and plans to have her Master’s Certification completed soon.






Melanie BarD - Groomer

Sage Valley Pet Center - Outside BuildingMelanie has spent over two decades as a dog groomer.  Whether you want a puppy cut or a full show groom, she can get it done.  She gives dogs that polished look that only a professional can.  Her best quality is her quiet and calm handling of dogs through the entire grooming process.  The dogs are done quickly and efficiently with a minimum amount of stress.  And the furry kids really appreciate her for it!


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