February 5, 2018

"OMD! Oh My Dogs have never been in such a professional, loving, clean and caring environment! The staff at Sage Valley Pet Center really cares about our golden retrievers. We have been using their groomers and kennel services for over 15 years and trust them completely. The proof is in the dogs, they love to stay there. Our dogs rate Sage Valley as a 5 star kennel.!!!!"
January 9, 2018

Highly recommend!

"My friend recommended this place after a bad experience with Took a tour, everyone was super nice, everything is clean, I felt comfortable that my dog would be well taken care of. Booked an overnight last weekend and everything went great. My dog was in good spirits when I picked him up and wasn't filthy like at previous kennels. "
January 9, 2018

"Great with my pup..... clean and courteous"
October 26, 2017

best value for boarding

"I am pretty picky with boarding my English Bulldog, but this place has been great. They have individual kennels (floor to ceiling rooms, with limited outdoor access) and offer one-on-one playtime for only $7 additional per day. My dog always comes back smelling good and exhausted (both good signs) - and she wags her tail excitedly every time we take her there. I have never had a problem with not being notified of needed vaccines; however, I would check with your vet prior to boarding with them to make sure everything is up to date. Will definitely return - and think this is the best value in boarding in the Denver area."
October 25, 2017

Great spot for your pets

"They took very good care of our dogs. Would recommend them to everyone."