September 21, 2017

home away from doggie home

"home away from doggie home. always had good experiences here and there is a great Park nearby"
September 21, 2017

"We boarded our cat for a week and also had him groomed. Did a great job in both respects. He's a senior kitty and not able to take care of himself very well. He looked like a million bucks when we got him back."
September 21, 2017

"I have been taking my two dogs here for about 2 years. They have excellent service and are very flexible. I just recently had some plans fall through and needed my dogs boarded for 4 days. They happily helped me with the short notice I gave them. I picked my dogs up and they were happy and very well groomed. Especially my 3 year old aussie, the feathering was done correctly and she is soft and shiny! The prices are fair and the staff is friendly. "
September 21, 2017

highly recommended Sage Valley

"The staff at Sage Valley treat my rescued min pin like he was their own dog. My dog was formerly mistreated and does not take to other people very well. The Sage Valley staff know his needs and work with him. He has stayed there many times and while it isn't as nice as being "home" is, I know that he is safe there. Sage Valley has been around for many, many years so they must be doing something right. I think they have a lower overhead than many other boarding places (as in, the employees appear to wear multiple hats and there isn't just one specific person to answer phones, etc.) so they are able to keep their prices down. "
September 2, 2016

Sam Perez, Bichon

"Sage Valley is the only place I like to stay. They provide the care I like and deserve. They love me so much that I'm glad to to call Sage Valley my home away from home. And their groomers are the only ones that will ever touch my most excellent coif!"